Strengthening and firming treatment against stretch marks

“Keep a beautiful body without stretch marks. Beautiful décolleté and bust.”

Our Treatment utilizes a variety active of ingredients, developed to maintain the integrity and indeed strengthen the supporting fibers of the skin.

Recommended as a preventive stretchmark treatment for pregnant women, the treatment can also improve the appearance and condition of the skin during those times of rapid  gain or loss of weight. Treatment will consist of 1-2 applications per week depending on individual assessment and need.


  • flexibility,
  • strengthening and firming,
  • local treatment against stretch marks (thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts).

Visible effects after treatment:

  • comprehensively strengthened and elasticated skin,
  • smooth and well moisturized skin,
  • protected against the formation of stretch marks,
  • reduction of existing stretch marks.

1 hour.

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