A comprehensive treatment with mimic wrinkles reduction technology

Mimic wrinkles reduction technology + solid anti-aging protection

Specialistic and comprehensive treatment designed for intensive care of the skin with marked signs of facial aging as well as loss of firmness and tension. Designed for women around 40 years of age who not only wish for effective and rapid improvement in skin appearance, but also for an effective way of delaying skin aging. The treatment is based on advanced ingredients that restore, strengthen and protect delicate structure of support fibers of the skin. A new generation neuropeptide that reduces muscle spasms leading to the formation of wrinkles and innovative HYDROINFUSION molecules provide a three-dimensional ultramoisturizing. In this specialistic treatment, an authorial massage designed to reduce wrinkles and protect against their retention and conversion into furrows takes a special place

For Skin:

  • With mimic wrinkles,
  • With lack of firmness and elasticity.


NEOBOTULINE – ultra active neuropeptide reducing muscle spasms leadingto the formation of wrinkles. Inhibits the formation and deepening of wrinkles.

HYDROINFUSION MOLECULES – innovative, super effective molecules capable of the three-dimensional skin moisturizing. Improve the circulation of water between skin cells, restore the physiological resources of hyaluronic acid.

AMINOFIRM COMPLEX – a technologically advanced lipophilized amino acid, which acts as a catalyst for the synthesis of collagen, significantly speedingand streamlining its production in the skin. Improves the microsculpture of skin and helps to restore an excellent firmness and elasticity.

FLOWER EXTRACT Buddleja Davidii – stem cells of THE BUTTERFLY FLOWER, protect against damage and inhibit already existing inflammatory microdisorders*. Highly limit the activity of the enzyme decomposing collagen in skin, retard aging and strengthen the skin protein rack.

*The process described as INFLAMMAGING – aging as a result of chronic inflammation microdisorders.



1 treatment a week in a series of 4-6 treatments.


75 minutes.

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