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A new treatment for dry, sensitive, mature skin

Is your skin dry and sensitive? This is due mainly to the loss of hydrolipidic balance. The problem of rough and tight skin can be solved thanks to provision of substances that your skin needs to work properly. Discover our Aqua Relipidum treatment which replenishes moisture, retains water deeply in the epidermis and naturally nourishes skin, stimulating a proper cellular activity. The components used in the treatment stimulate natural regeneration so as to achieve a multi-dimensional effect of rejuvenation and to restore skin comfort, as well as to protect against air pollution. Skin regains its hydrolipidic balance, and becomes properly moisturized, supple and radiant.



Procoll XVIII 

The bark extract of an African tree named Khaya senegalensis stimulates production of various collagens, including XVIII collagen. Firmness and density are improved, lines smoothed and reduced to make your skin looks younger.

H Moist 

Taking moisture from the outside, it immediately binds it in the outer layer, penetrating as deep as the sixth layer of skin. Moisturizes intensely for up to 30 hours following a single application.

Lipo Mimic A liposome that imitates lipids naturally present in the outer layer of skin. Penetrating the skin, it seals the skin barrier, moisturizes and soothes irritations.


An ingredient which intelligently adapts to the environment and creates a protective layer. Regulates inner loss of hydration even in changing conditions. At the same time, it strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Anti-pollution shield  A physical and immediate protection against any type of pollution such as particles of heavy metals and carbon or those present at our homes such as dust or cleaning agents.

  • deficits of lipids and moisture in outer skin layers are reduced
  • skin looks younger and relaxed
  • firmness and elasticity are improved
  • skin feels comfortable again
Recommended number of treatments

A series of 4 to 6


75 minutes

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Aqua Relipidum – Lipoactive cream
Aqua Relipidum

Aqua Relipidum – Lipoactive cream

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