50 ML


Specialist cream for intensive care of skin with visible expression lines and lacking firmness and tension. Created for women around 40 years of age who desire not only a quickly and effectively improved appearance but also a powerful age-delaying effect.

The product uses solutions inspired by the experience of aesthetic medicine and is a unique combination of active ingredients that reconstruct, strengthen and protect the delicate structure of the skin support fibres. Active expression line reduction is guaranteed by a new-generation neuro-active peptide that reduces muscle contraction causing the formation of expression lines as well as innovative molecules that hydrate the skin in three dimensions “from within”. This technology makes wrinkles radically less visible, at the same time preserving the natural facial expression.


NEOBOTULINE – ultra-active neuro-peptide that reduces muscle contraction causing the formation of expression lines. It inhibits the process of formation and deepening of both expression and static lines, and prevents them from becoming permanent and turning into furrows.

HYDROINFUSION MOLECULES – innovative super-effective molecules that hydrate all the skin layers in three dimensions. They improve water circulation between skin cells and restore physiological hyaluronic acid deposits.

AMINOFIRM COMPLEX – technologically advanced amino acid that works like a collagen synthesis catalyst, significantly accelerating and improving its synthesis in the skin. It improves the micro-relief of the epidermis and helps restore perfect firmness and elasticity.

BUDDLEJA DAVIDII EXTRACT – BUTTERFLY BUSH stem cells protect the skin from damage and inhibit the ongoing micro-inflammation process in the skin*. They strongly reduce the activity of the enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin, inhibit the ageing process and strengthen the protein framework in the skin.

*The process is described as INFLAMMAGING – ageing caused by chronic micro-inflammation.

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