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Renewal-activating treatments

using cosmetic skin-densifying technology

Innovative treatment for intensive therapy of mature skin. Created to address the needs of women who would like to achieve effects similar to aesthetic medical procedures, such as volumetric treatment (facial contour modelling) or radio frequency treatment, through cosmetic procedures. They wish to regain youthful skin density, reduce wrinkles, smooth out facial lines and model contour.

For skin:

  • mature,
  • with need of facial contour modeling effect,
  • lack of density,
  • with wrinkles. 




ECM ACTIVATOR – active compound extracted from Undaria pinnatifida spores, considered to be the “concentrate of life”. It re-activates processes involved in densifying skin ECM (extracellular matrix) by coding synthesis and networking of collagen fibres and proteoglycans. Formation of wrinkles, loss of facial oval and skin density are directly linked to disorganising the ECM structure, which is why the mechanism stimulating regeneration processes is of fundamental importance.

R-RETINOL – technologically advanced complex of Bidens pilosa ingredients which serves as an alternative for dermatological retinol. It regulates processes responsible for cell division. It also reduces oxidative stress and is an inflammatory mediator inhibitor. It improves epidermis microstructure, protects extracellular matrix and collagen, and corrects both fine and deep wrinkles. By activating sirtuins, it slows down cell ageing and improves genetic skin cell integration. It models and deeply hydrates the skin, helps restore perfect firmness and elasticity.

LIPOFILLER – oligosaccharide-rich extract that stimulates adipocytes (fat cells) in the subcutaneous tissue, and by penetrating its deepest layers, it restores density to mature skin, prevents it from becoming flabby and droopy due to gravity.

SI-COMPLEX – multifunctional silicon molecules. They improve dermal-epidermal communication. They exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protect from damage. They have ultra-moisturising and smoothing effect on the epidermis.


The treatment may be carried out as a single procedure to quickly improve skin appearance, or as a therapy, once a week for 4-6 weeks.


1 hour 15 minutes.

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