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The revolutionary program of treatments inspired by the theory of Corneotherapy

How to renew the skin, minimizing the occurrence of irritation? Owing to the innovative solutions, you can benefit from the treatment and enjoy a radiant skin without any worries. And all this is owing to the innovative EXPERT EXFOLIATION program. It is an alternative to conventional therapy with acids, which emphasizes the exfoliation combined with intense regeneration.
The products are inspired by the theory of Corneotherapy, the main point of which is the impact on the horny layer of the skin to initiate a process of renewal in its deeper layers.
In the treatments, we used the exfoliation complex Procontrol, which contains a matrix of AHA molecules. Owing to this formula, active ingredients are released gradually to prevent irritation, and you immediately start to radiate the beauty.

For the following types of skin:

  • dry, mature,
  • oily, combination, with imperfections.

Visible effects after treatment:

  • reduction of the number and size of the pores by about 30%,*
  • smoothing of the skin (confirmed both by instrumental studies and surveys),
  • smoothing the wrinkles and reducing their visibility,
  • a visible improvement of the appearance and condition of the skin, among others, by giving it a more rested and refreshed appearance. Unifying and brightening of the skin tone,
  • very positive reception of treatments by women participating in the studies – 90% of them would recommend this treatment to a friend.**

*The instrumental studies conducted by an independent research center with the participation of 8 people.

**The survey studies were conducted by an independent research center with the participation of 10 people.




We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments with intervals of 1 to 2 weeks.

For very sensitive and dry skin, the interval should be 10 days.

The whole treatment series should not be repeated more than twice a year.


40 – 50 minutes.

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