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Intense firming and body shaping treatment


Every woman, regardless of age or circumstances, wants to look attractive and feel young. We have created an exclusive, intensely firming and body shaping treatment, that provides both rapid skin regeneration and long-lasting lifting . When skin fibres are weakened by pregnancy or weight loss, our treatment will firm, strengthen, and restore elasticity. You will feel attractive, young and special again.

Ideal for:

  • flabbiness,
  • loss of firmness,
  • eliminating or preventing stretch marks.

This treatment is best as a series of applications depending on individual assessment of the condition and shape of the skin. Single treatments can improve the overall condition of the skin. Single treatments can have an immediate impact on the overall condition of the skin.

The treatment should not be carried out during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Visible effects after one treatment:

  • smooth skin, velvety to the touch,
  • comprehensively regenerated and elasticized,
  • firmer and perfectly hydrated.

Visible effects after a series of treatments:

  • visible firming and strengthening of the skin,
  • intensive regeneration,
  • restored elasticity of the skin.

About 2 hours.

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