"There is always
an occasion
to look pretty."
Expert Exfoliation Hyperpigmentation treatment BODY REGENERATION SHOT Innovative regenerating treatment for all seasons BEAUTY EXPRESS Instant metamorphosis of the appearance EXOTIC MOMENTS Revitalizing treatment reducing the symptoms of cellulite PRO-ELASTIC Strengthening and firming treatment against stretch marks ORIENT EXPRESS Wellness treatment improving the skin quality, based on oriental aromas SLIM THERAPY Stimulating and shaping anti-cellulite treatment BODY DE LUXE Intense firming and body shaping treatment CHOCOLATE EUPHORIA Wellness treatment for dry and rough skin CRANBERRY FEAST Intensely moisturizing and smoothing treatment EXPRESS SOS Express treatment improving the condition of the skin RE A.G.E. VIT C Revitalising treatment EXPERT EXFOLIATION The revolutionary program of treatments inspired by the theory of Corneotherapy VOLUMATRIX RF Renewal-activating treatments MEZOLIFTING CL-HA Professional treatment using revolutionary meso-lifting ANTI-ACNE TREATMENT EYE SKIN CARE Specialistic, ultra-mild treatments for complex care of particularly delicate skin around the eyes EXTREMALE MEN An intensively moisturising treatment for men GRAPEFRUIT & ORANGE POUR HOMME TREATMENT For men – mature and combination skin with dilated pores ENERGY AND VITALITY An oxygenating treatment – 35+ RELIEF TREATMENT 35+ With juvenating plant stem cells, resveratrol and baicalin ACTI MAT Normalization treatment for oily and combination skin STEM LIFT PLUS With juvenating plant stem cells, resveratrol and baicalin HIALIQ EXPERT Anti-wrinkle hyaluronic treatment for mature skin NEOBOTULINE A comprehensive treatment with mimic wrinkles reduction technology MATT & CLEAR Purifying and soothing treatment for oily, combination, irritable skin
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